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It is a scientific series.

{{{The arrogancy is the sign of degradation}}}

The knockdown of the heliocentric model

The knockdown of the heliocentric model is the first series. The topics of the present book are organized in seven chapters and expanded in 188 pages. The first chapter is a quick review of the heliocentric model (principals and arguments) from well known authors of physics and astronomy. The core of the heliocentric model and its arguments are brought to downhill in six chapters that include 72 figures viewed in three dimensions. The book’s size is 24 cm x 17 cm.


The Magnificent Four: The most important elements in our life are oxygen, water, nutrition-and-metabolism, and then the discharge of human body. What about the human’s inventions? Their order comes after the discharge “…” according to their needs.

Geocentricity: The Earth, spherical in dimension, is stationary, at the center of the celestial sphere (we do not care if it is-or-not at the center of the universe), all celestial particles that exhibit diurnal motions (rise and set) are revolving around the Earth.

Geocentric model: It is not the Ptolemaic model or the Tychonic model. We are, deeply, appreciating the great efforts of Claudius Ptolemy and Tycho Brahe. However, in the series we are not coloring their models but we founded the true geocentric model.

The two pillars: The stellar parallax and aberration of starlight are two basic pillars of the heliocentric model. The heliocentrists have admitted that their beloved theory was in a shaky fate before the discovery of these phenomena. In one chapter we have proven the real descent of both phenomena – geocentric system. Fortunately, the analyses of the aberration of starlight and stellar parallax are reformatted on a new foundation (geocentric) with real physics, true mathematics, and fit geometry. Consequently, the distance to stars is calculated (for the first time) on the basis of geocentric system which yields to a new figure of one-and-half order of magnitude lesser than the distance to stars evaluated by the fake theory (heliocentric). Yes, the Helios fellows discovered these phenomena but these are not belonging to their labs. These phemomena are belonging to the Verses of the Creator of the universe.

Hoax and nightmare: Measurements that were made two centuries ago from the surface of the Earth cannot be reproduced in space in the present time with modern tools. It is not the matter of precision of measurements but it is the matter of recession of mankind. It is a big cheat-and-lie to see that the aberration of starlight that was discovered in 1729 by the English astronomer James Bradley (1693 -1762) and the stellar parallax that was discovered in 1838 by the German astronomer Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel (1784-1846) are reproduced in space. The earlier measurements of aberration of starlight and stellar parallax are solid proofs that the Earth is stationary, and our analyses in chapter 7 are exact and right. It is too late for the Helios fellows to upgrade their measurements in space because the air atmosphere is their nightmare.

Venus: Galileo’s second discovery (the gibbous phase of Venus) was being used as an evidence since five centuries to support the idea of stationary sun (heliocentric). It is a proven fact (as shown in the book) that Venus should exhibit a gibbous phase smoothly in a geocentric system, not according to Tycho Brahe’s model.

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